Season 10 from Bahari photographed by Scharad Lightbourne

Season 10 from Bahari Bahamas was a very hard campaign to produce. Designs were redrawn and fabric samples tested multiple times. Being the brands chief photographer, I get a first hand preview before it hits the market. The brands CEO trusts my input (sometimes) and values the feedback that he gets from me. My first response after seeing final samples were, "this is the most mature collection from Bahari yet and I know people are going to love it, its a step in the right direction. " Their newest collection has been a long time coming and shows tremendous growth from the brand.

In planning the campaign photoshoot, there were certain elements that always play an important role in the success of the images. The right team had to have been assembled, the right cast and most importantly the right location. Bahari always seems to discover or use its resources to secure pretty mazing location on the island and this one was no different. our scenic view of beautiful blue Bahamian waters, modern architecture and textured backgrounds gave me all the inspiration I needed to put the mood board together. Once approved, I eagerly awaited shoot day.

My team and I worked consistency throughout the day using the sun to our advantage, and fully making use of the property. Along with the YNGDGRTS team, everything ran smoothly and with great ease from location to location. Shooting in direct sunlight is no joke but I was able to use modifiers, a fan and a powerful strobe to achieve the looks the client approved. See some of the images from the campaign below along with the cinematic shoot video below and do enjoy responsibly.

...until the next post! See you guys again and thanks for reading. 

Photography: Scharad Lightbourne MUA: Erinn Treco Hair Stylist: Jameelah Thompson Styling: ProductJoint Video: Ashley Whitney Photo Assistants: Kenzi Thompson // Jayden Mcintosh

Photography: Scharad Lightbourne

MUA: Erinn Treco

Hair Stylist: Jameelah Thompson

Styling: ProductJoint

Video: Ashley Whitney

Photo Assistants: Kenzi Thompson // Jayden Mcintosh



Courtney Spears. Portraits of a Ballerina

Courtney Spears is an accomplished dancer and ballerina with Bahamian roots with a diverse portfolio that makes her a very recognized figure in her field. There are Bahamians all over the world like Courtney who are doing some pretty amazing things, so when Courtney and I first met, we knew we would be doing some work together. I wanted to capture unconventional portraits of this incredible ballerina. We planned the entire shoot over a few days and I wanted to keep things simple as I always do but in this case, I wanted a bit more in terms of the creative direction. I enlisted the help of designer Ria Georgina to make a dramatic tulle skirt for my ballerina to wear and that was a creative process indeed from choosing the right colour to length and fullness of the skirt. 

It took me a minute to decide on where I would shoot Courtney and I mulled over this for days. I didn't want studio shots and the locations I'd scouted prior to just weren't giving me the character I needed. Until...I decided to go back to one of those very same locations, the Potters Cay Dock. I walked around some more and found a space that I couldn't believe I missed. So I took some photos and went back home to finish my shot list.

On the day of the shoot, I met Courtney at the studio of Sarsha Lepeche (MUA) where she applied a dramatic look to her face. My team met me at the location and we shot effortless looks of Courtney moving and contorting her body like it was painted on a canvas. The location of course completely opposed her movements and femininity and the team loved it. Please enjoy the images responsibly.

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne MUA: Makeup by Sarsha Lepeche Grips: Gary Martin, Martin Gray // Video: Ashley Whitney

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

MUA: Makeup by Sarsha Lepeche

Grips: Gary Martin, Martin Gray // Video: Ashley Whitney


Vida Cayo Summer Campaign Photoshoot

I'm going to apologize ahead of time for this post but its going to make you feel really guilty about your current workout regime. Vida Cayo recruited some amazingly fit models to stand in their first ever advertising campaign and hiring me, an amateur fitness expert to photograph it. Walking on set, I found myself to be intimidated by the abs, pecs and glutes that were being paraded around but I stood confident in my Nike tank that I would use them to my advantage. The location was incredible and I was pretty happy with it having seen it a few days prior. I'd already mapped out the areas which I wanted to shoot against and the weather was perfect too. We had green grass, trees and a beautiful panoramic view of the beach.

But not to be outdone, I had a guest model that Id pose with my live models that was equally as fit and toned as they were. Her iron frame and wheels of steel were equally as sexy as her topless frame and all eyes were laid on this custom Jeep Wrangler once she pulled into the yard.

The shoot was "bananas" and tons of fun and these fitness models has an even better time than I did. With my MUA and Stylist working feverishly to ensure the models looked their best. I loved the jeep as Im a huge fan of the custom Wranglers. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect shoot, day or collection of diverse models at which to point my camera to. Please enjoy these images responsibly.

Photography: Scharad Lightbourne // Styling: Shan Oliver MUA: Makeup by Vonz Ferguson Grips: Gary Martin, Martin gray, Kenzi Thompson + Derek Adams // Video: Michael Cortez

Photography: Scharad Lightbourne // Styling: Shan Oliver

MUA: Makeup by Vonz Ferguson

Grips: Gary Martin, Martin gray, Kenzi Thompson + Derek Adams // Video: Michael Cortez


Beauty Photography In A Pool

I was the first photographer to take professional images of Candice, nearly 9 years ago! A lot has changed since then. We have both grown as individuals and as creatives. Candice, undeniably so has been photographed by nearly every photographer on the island so I knew my approach had to be different, simple, know, my style! I spoke to Candice and she agreed and she became elated because we hadn't shot in such a very long time.

I wanted to keep things simple. My lighting, styling and even the models hair and makeup I wanted to keep clean and light. I wanted to put the focus on her face because she has such interesting features. She has a timeless and classic beauty reminding me of an actress from the 60s. So using my homemade scrim and a circular reflector, I was able to control the light and get great frames while shooting.

Candice was great, she knew how to angle her face so that I got the looks I had envisioned. In post after retouching, I added some Lightroom magic and it really gave the images the finishing look they needed.

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne MUA: T's Artistry Grips: Tariq Cartwright + Malik Smith 

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

MUA: T's Artistry

Grips: Tariq Cartwright + Malik Smith 

Manipulating Natural Light for Portraits with Simple Modifiers

I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to shoot some natural light portraits and I scrolled through my Instagram to see who I could ask randomly. It's great when you can find someone who actually models and acts also. Elena Bargo was just that person that I had in mind to shoot for such an exercise so when I reached out to her and mentioned what I wanted to do, she happily agreed. We had tried working together before but busy schedules and that cup of tea made it tricky at times. So when I finally locked her down, I think my finals words to her in my pitch were, "let's make it happen!"

Elena mentioned that she lives just off an old golf course and in my head, the greens, trees and foliage would be perfect for the shoot. So after sending her a mood board and agreeing on wardrobe, my team and I set out to capture Elena and shoot a tutorial video at the same time.

Armed with a simple setup, I used two modifiers; 1 large diffuser and 1 collapsible reflector,  manipulating the light on the golf course and illuminating my subject who gave me great looks the entire set. We shot at different points on the course and even threw in a few small props just to give the shoot more of a lifestyle feel. Light retouching and small presets in Lightroom produced a look that I am more than pleased with and I think Elena was too with the entire experience. Watch the Video below and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos.

Image: Scharad Lightbourne // MUA: Erinn Simone

Image: Scharad Lightbourne // MUA: Erinn Simone


Video: Tony Williams Media. Editing: Scharad Lightbourne

Lifestyle Photography with Carolyn Carter

Carolyn Carter, Miss US Virgin Islands visits Nassau a couple times a year and every time she comes into town, we always set up a photo-shoot. Carolyn loves lifestyle photography, and so do I. I love the free flowing natural of this particular style and that would make it easy to shoot someone who equally felt the same.

We took a boat out and ventured into the Lyford Cay area to find the perfect spot to shoot several different looks. Being the unapologetically impatient photographer that I am, I began to shoot Carolyn onboard the boat!

Being an island girl at heart, Carolyn pulled looks from brands like BHLDN, LikeToKNowIt, Solid and Striped and Isabella Rose Swim, which helped us get some great shots around the key. The beach was beautiful and has spaces full of character on which to shoot my model against including and old dock which I thoroughly enjoyed retreating under for shade! Overall the shoot went great and using natural light, we got some really nice photos.

Image: Scharad Lightbourne // Swimsuit by: Isabella Rose Swim

Image: Scharad Lightbourne // Swimsuit by: Isabella Rose Swim

Lifestyle Portraits of Artist in The Bahamas

I'm a part of an industry where there are some pretty amazing creatives, many whom I've had the pleasure to photograph. I've known illustrator and painter,  Philece for quite some time and I've always admired her creativity. Her illustrations match her personality, soft, vibrant with an energy you have to see in person to believe. 

I called her and said "Philece, let's shoot!" and with little to no reluctance, she adamantly accepted my offer. I told her I wanted to shoot her in her environment, the studio, her front yard with simple styling but capturing her personality and energy.

My approach as the photographer was to capture her in bright surroundings with clean bursts of light and pops of color that would portray Philece the way I saw her. I knew many of the shots would be "in the moment" and with her quirky, awkwardly funny and an aesthetic that bleeds creativity, I knew I'd capture her candidly and create images that truly represent the artist. 

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne MUA: Makeup by Lily Grips: Keron Wood // Video: Tony Williams

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

MUA: Makeup by Lily

Grips: Keron Wood // Video: Tony Williams

Braneka Bassett photographs with Bahamian photographer Scharad Lightbourne

Braneka Bassett, a former Miss Bahamas was flying into Nassau and contacted me asking if I wanted to shoot. Braneka, being local to LA, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to work together. We had tried so many times to collaborate but due to equally busy schedules, we never got the chance until now.

"Sure!" was my response of course and I spoke to Braneka about what type of look we could shoot because we only had a few hours with her! She even had a location secured before flying in and she told me that I'd love it; a house on Lake Cunningham.

With literally an hour before sunset, an incredible suit from Beach Bunny Swimwear, and a few simple Aldo accessories, the team and I captured Braneka doing what she does best and effortlessly at that! We got great frames and everyone was excited to shoot with this Bahamian beauty. 

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne MUA: Antonya Jenoure // Hair: Kelly Pinder  Grips: Malik Smith + Kenzi Thompson + Tariq Cartwright

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

MUA: Antonya Jenoure // Hair: Kelly Pinder 

Grips: Malik Smith + Kenzi Thompson + Tariq Cartwright


Filmed by Tony Williams, Directed by Scharad Lightbourne

Natural Habitat

As an artist I have a million thoughts about my work and what Im doing and so I decided to portray one of these thoughts through photography.

We often find ourselves reaching a plateau or comfort zone and its unusual to want to stray away from that but I'm learning that you have to step out of that zone in order to grow. This is a scary thing to some because we become comfortable with our current environments, so to venture into some other unusual area is looked at as risky.

Faith and vision keep you focus and protected, so using a female model and a canine model, I drew from them to interpret these feelings. Being on unfamiliar ground is somewhat daunting but your goals and dreams are attainable by focus on whats ahead. I thought it would be interested to portray this and model Joi Broughton did an outstanding job by helping me bring this vision to life with her companion Sniper the Doberman Pincher.

Photography & Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

Art Direction: Kenton Ferguson

MUA: Sarsha Lepeche

Hair: Skyline Designs

Model: Joi Broughton

Grip: Tariq Cartwright


Video Direction: Scharad Lightbourne

Video Cinematography: Tony E Williams 

Video Producer: Tony E Williams 

Bahari Fall 2016 Campaign

The Bahari Creative team always  gives me "some" wiggle room when it comes to the brands new campaigns. So when it came time to shoot the Fall 16' series for Bahari, they made it perfectly clear that they wanted to direct this shoot. With some reluctance, I figured it would be good to have the geniuses behind the brand direct their own photoshoot. 

The looks were incredible, the models were fluid and gave great movement to the lens of both the video and still camera. In Bahari true fashion, we had the set constructed for the shoot because we wanted a different approach. This artistic, nature inspired "cube" was the perfect backdrop for the bold prints of the new line.

A great joy for me was challenging myself to photograph the entire campaign with natural light. No strobes we used to capture the images so I was very proud with the results. Please enjoy the images and short fashion film below.

Photographer: Scharad Lightbourne
MUA: Antonya Jenoure
Stylist: Joel Stubbs
Hair: Omeece Culmer
Photo Assistant: Aaron Davis

Fashion Film

Directed by: Morgan Fernander & Scharad Lightbourne

Filmed by Ashley Whitney & Malik Smith

Produced by Ashley Whitney

"Market Value" Editorial photographed in Kensington Market, Toronto

While I was in Toronto earlier this year, I planned to shoot something, anything, anywhere in the city. The city is a breeding ground for creative ideas especially photography and on my 2nd trip there in 3 years, there was no question that I'd want to shoot in the Kensington Market area.

I called stylist Aziza Brown who immediately agreed to work with me again and when I told her where I wanted to shoot, she instantly came up with the style direction for the clothing. We just needed to put a team together and with the help of MORGAN Model Management, we sourced unique and diverse talents for the shoot. The final piece of the puzzle was MUA (makeup artist) Senita Rodrigues whose work I admired for awhile and I contacted her to work together and she was friendly and very open to my ideas.

On shoot day, we started about 8am that morning, using a parking garage as HQ, yes a parking garage! It was central to everything and we had covering so we made it work. The models were troopers changing in and out of looks and I actually scouted the market from high above.

Kensington was an incredible area, bustling with people, vendors, sights and sounds who all seemingly ignored the fact that I was photographing two unique and diverse models in the street, against doorways, in between stalls and up against walls. I was everywhere and loving the energy the market seemed to throw right back at me.

Check out the gallery below.

Photographer: Scharad Lightbourne
MUA: Senita Rodrigues
Stylist: Aziza Brown
Clothing Designer: Print Vintage
Shoe Retailer: Heel Boy
Models: Shakhira & Nadia Blackwood

Scharad Lightbourne presents U N F I L T E R E D


Its become overwhelming to me, being in the beauty and glamour industry that some women feel that enhancing their look via makeup and hair extensions are true representation of beauty when in fact I feel that it takes away. Whether it be self esteem, emotional or mental issues, I believe that I have a responsibility to display women of color in their beautiful and natural states promoting the idea that cosmetic applications should enhance ones look naturally rather than transform it.


Unfiltered is a social media contest promoting natural beauty.

Unfiltered seeks women who have little to no experience in modeling. If you are confident enough to display your raw beauty and be photographed by an amazing team, apply now! Contestants must be at least 18 years of age to participate.


1. Submit your photo - (self portrait)

  • Without weave, braids or hair extensions 
  • Without makeup or eyelashes
  • Without hats or sunglasses
  • Image must be clear with NO filters
  • Image must be unprofessional
  • Your face (not body) must make up the majority of the photo (think "selfie")

2. Along with your photo, please include:

  • Full Name & Age
  • Email Address
  • Your Instagram “@“ handle 

3. Follow @scharadlphoto:

  • Facebook
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  • Twitter
  • Snapchat

    Deadline for submission: 

    November 14th, 2016


    Bahamian pop artist Keeya shoots new visuals for "Hella Good" single

    Keeya and her team met with me a few weeks back communicating that they needed "sexy, fun and hype" images for the artist's new single titled "Hella' Good." We were sitting in Starbucks and upon hearing the song, I was amped and ready to go! I loved the track, especially the lyrics and immediately, I began to visualize the images in my head.

    Her energy and artsy demeanor meant that I'd have a creative range with the set and images, plus knowing I'd work with my good friend and stylist, Lavonne Alexis of ShoptheCC meant that the wardrobe would be pin-point creative!

    Popop Studios, Nassau, The Bahamas, was the perfect canvas to which we'd shoot Keeya and using props like inflatable flamingos (Luxury Floats Bahamas), tea party sets (The Tea Room) and a simple mattress meant that we'd have a storyboard fitting to the song lyrics. Keeya's edgy look only added to each frame and with a monster team, we banged out look after look like it were frames from an action movie.



    Rain Check Editorial with Atalanta Schulenberg

    I remember, just recently, shooting portraits of designer Theodore Elyett. It was on the set when I previewed his latest collection and found myself itching to see the remaining pieces. The patterns combined with his use of color and texture screamed for a photoshoot. I approached Theo about the idea and he jumped with excitement, the prelude to this "Rain Check" editorial.

    We planned for weeks what we were going to shoot, who the team would be and where we would shoot it. The only thing missing was a muse to bring it all together. At the time, it didn't occur to me that the perfect subject was waiting for me to ask her about photographing her. Atalanta was a student at the Lyford Cay International School, introduced to me by one of the development coordinators. She was tall, awkward with a fashion frame that my eye knew would be great for Theo's pieces.

    No fitting prior to the shoot was made. We introduced the team beforehand and with the location finalized, we were ready for shoot day! The team had not seen the location before shoot but they were amazed at how amazing it was despite the overcast skies. Once we began to shoot, it was like waving a magic wand at each look. Just earlier, Atalanta said to me that she was nervous and that I'd have to direct her a lot but I knew her awkwardness would make the shots great. She'd never done a professional photo shoot before but she gave us effortless posing, frame after frame in designer pieces that fit her like they were made for her in the first place.

    Please enjoy this editorial spread and our BTS video displaying amazing pieces from designer Theodore Elyett worn by our model Atalanta.


    Portrait of a Filmmaker: Lavado Stubbs

    Getting the chance to photograph another artist is very important to me and so when filmmaker, Lavado Stubbs approached me about doing portraits of him, I was elated at the opportunity. I'd known Lavado from when I first began my career in photography 10 years ago. He was involved in another creative venture back then but we'd always kept in touch and I watched him grow into an amazing film maker and director with his brand "ConchBoy Films." 

    Lavado wanted something simple for his portraits but at the same time he wanted there to be some style elements present. Using a mood board, I decided to incorporate some of his signature pieces in the photography like his fedora, tropical print shirt and vintage frame glasses. The only request from the artist was that he wanted a photo of himself enjoying a handmade cigar from Greycliff. 

    He also mentioned that he was nervous as he was used to being behind the camera. So I told him to trust me and just let the creativity flow. I think that put him more at ease and as his excitement grew, so did mine. So excited that I had to stop him from buying all new clothing for the shoot, even down to a simple white tee!

    We got great frames with Lavado as his personality came through on set, sometimes emotionless while other times joyful and full of laughter. Check out some of my favorite shots from shooting this filmmaker.

    I have known Scharad for several years and always admired and respected his craft as an amazing photographer. I was delighted when I finally got the opportunity to be photographed by him. It was great to see another artist’s process and get a feel of how it is to be a subject. Scharad truly made this entire experience comfortable for a filmmaker like me who lives behind the scenes.
    — Lavado Stubbs

    Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

    Grip: Aaron Davis, Malik Smith, Antonio Miller • Video: Ashley Whitney • BTS: Keisha Oliver